Another update on new foliage in the garden.

Today’s attractions: burdock, mugwort and comfrey, wild carrot (I think), strawberry, a mint I can’t name yet, delphinium, horseradish, sage, lovage, and another as-yet-unclassified mint.

Some of the plants that are poking through the mulch right now (though they’ll soon be covered by snow again in the morning). Chives, nettle, thyme, catnip, ground ivy and motherwort, Jacob’s ladder, yarrow, some type of perennial succulent, alfalfa and blessed thistle.

State of the Garden, 3.24.2014

We’re a few days into spring and I’ve been cleaning up around the beds. The top photos show the perennial herb beds that I first dug in 2011/2012. The feature in the center is ‘Hotel Arthropoda,’ a collection of shelters and surfaces for insects and spiders that inhabit that garden area.

The next two photos show a general and then a close-up view of the hanging succulent boxes that I crafted in 2012.

Finally, the area where last year’s PVC greenhouse stood is now a parking lot for perennials.