Datura inoxia unfurling

i guess these flowers really fuck you up if you drink a tea made out of the stems. scary scary.

If by “fuck you up” you mean “can initiate tachycardia, psychosis, organ failure and perhaps death,” then yes. Datura don’t play. All parts of all Datura species are acutely toxic, particularly the roots and seeds. Enjoy it for its night-blooming beauty and heady scent, and leave it at that.


swamp-kei asked:

are ground cherries yummy? the name makes me think of beets


They can be quite tasty. The wild ones can be bland (or flat, just not fully flavored), while domesticated varieties can be tart and citrus-y. They are in the same family of plants as tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplants (Solanaceae, the nightshades).

five physalis husks on Flickr.

Gathered from a small colony of wild groundcherry plants (Physalis spp.) near Chicago’s lakefront. Edible. Decorative. Intriguing.

finally: red, ripe tomatoes on Flickr.

I want to say these were the Siberian tomatoes that I grew for the first time in 2009.