The sleeper has awakened, lol

This is the first Datura stramonium I’ve grown in a couple of years.

A trio of Datura flowers

Another day, another Datura flower (plus several others that are close to unfurling)

Speaking of nightshades, does anyone know what this is? My supervisor calls it flowering tobacco, but I know that’s not right. It does seem to be part of the Solanaceae family, though.

Last night’s Datura show

Oh, Datura

The top photo is a close-up of a D. inoxia flower before it opened. The next two photos show a specimen of D. stramonium with a close-up of one of its flower buds. Next, there are some D. inoxia flowers in profile. Finally, the whole D. inoxia plant. The flowers are 4-5 inches wide.

A night in the life of a Datura flower

desiccated datura on Flickr.

I spotted some Datura stramonium plants growing wild at this intersection a couple of years ago. Someone must have liked them and decided to grow them in this small bed along the sidewalk last summer.

late-day brugmansia on Flickr.

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