Decomposition, dormancy and renewal on a patch of grass that had been covered by construction equipment for more than a year.

I started piling garden debris onto the area last November. You see the progression from 11.16 to 11.29 to 12.27 in the top row. The snow depth didn’t change much until March, when I started to photograph this area again.

The middle row shots were taken on 3.22, 4.4 and 5.7. On that last date, I moved our former neighbors’ composting cage from their back steps to the gate behind our kitchen. I buried the broken-down food waste that it contained under our vegetable bed. Then I spread around the stems and compacted birdseed from the winter with a pitchfork before I scattered some wildflower seed.

The last row shows the area on 5.15, 6.5 and 6.21 as grass, sunflowers, weeds and a few wildflowers have filled in the space. The main goal with this was to re-green that patch. Once I relocated that box, I also wanted to let things grow large enough to block the box from view (from the opposite end of the walkway).