Meanwhile, back at the lab…

I suddenly have a showroom of succulents and seedlings. The Euphorbia in the window was adopted from my lady friend’s classmate, who didn’t want to keep it because of concerns about her cat messing with that plant and its irritant/toxic sap (to say nothing of its prodigious thorns). Of course, we have a cat also, but she doesn’t show much interest in houseplants, which is good since they’re all over the house.

The four-inch succulents and the plug tray will be used for arrangements. The seedlings are sage (and other mints), Chinese aster (Callistephus), cilantro and fennel.

I filled three more trays with seeds for a wide variety of plants. One tray has a heat mat under it to quicken the germination of nightshades (Datura, Hyoscyamus, tomatoes, painted tongue, Physalis and Solandra). The others contain sunflowers, root and leaf vegetables, two kinds of corn, a couple of herbs… and there’s one seedling pack in the opposite corner of the room, in deep shadow. Those are marigolds, which need darkness to germinate.