herb organizer update on Flickr.

Aside from the loss of just a couple seedlings, things are still fine with this fabric planter. I’ve found that I need to drench the plants in order to make sure the potting soil is fully irrigated. Especially in the top row.

You’ll notice that the plants in the bottom rows are more full. Obviously, the water from all the pockets above them drips into those rows. They’re also a bit more protected from the wind down there.

At this point, I water once a week. It takes three or four gallons of water to really soak the potting soil — one gallon for the top three rows, one gallon for the bottom three, and then whatever seems needed to soak certain pockets on the second go-‘round. Of course, a lot of water just drips through onto the pavement, so I could probably get by with only three gallons. Lining each pocket with a section of plastic bag might’ve helped with moisture retention.