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Heirloom Watermelon Varieties

Discover which heirloom watermelon varieties to grow in your garden.

By William Woys Weaver

Heirloom Vegetable Gardening by William Woys Weaver is the culmination of some thirty years of first-hand knowledge of growing, tasting and cooking with heirloom vegetables. A staunch supporter of organic gardening techniques, Will Weaver has grown every one of the featured 280 varieties of vegetables, and he walks the novice gardener through the basics of planting, growing and seed saving. Sprinkled throughout the gardening advice are old-fashioned recipes — such as Parsnip Cake, Artichoke Pie and Pepper Wine — that highlight the flavor of these vegetables. The following excerpt on heirloom watermelon varieties was taken from chapter 39, “Watermelons.”

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succulent montage - Ruth Bancroft Garden (by flora-file)

succulent central

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A nice little clump of Drosera spathulata #sundew #drosera #carnivorousplant #cactusjungle #carnivorejungle


Pink Monotropa Uniflora Bunch

(Ontonagon, Michigan - 8/2014)

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